From the Kitchen


Here is the giant disclaimer, these are just photos from my phone. All these dishes were made at home in my kitchen from scratch. Cooking has become part of my life and is part of a healthy lifestyle but it does take time, Cooking is also something I once feared by the dishes it would create, an obstacle overcome by mindset. Cooking more meals from whole foods and from scratch is an obstacle many people face when changing their eating habits because it means changing their lifestyle as well.  We have been sold on convenience and time when it comes to food. Betty Crocker was not a real person, it is a product line that aimed to sell us the convenience and give us back our time which has moved a lot of us out of the kitchen.  Learning to cook does not have to be scary, it can be fun and very rewarding.  For example, the donuts pictured above are grain-free, sugar-free and dairy free. They tasted out of this world. The Spaghetti was quick and easy, and we used zucchini for the noodles. “From the Kitchen” is a project that we will be posting some fun recipes and general tips for cooking from scratch at home.